Monday, March 31, 2008

CCB: tight policy has little impact on its profitability

China Construction Bank Corp (CCB)<601939><939>, one of China's Big Four state-owned lenders, said the tight monetary policy adopted by the government will not have a big influence on its profitability.

Under the policy, loans growth in banks will slow down, but other businesses will not be impacted, said Guo Shuqing, board chairman of the bank.

This year, CCB's loans granted to infrastructure sector increased dramatically as China experienced the worst winter weather in January which damaged huge numbers of infrastructures, Guo said, adding that loans to small to medium-sized companies will also see a notable rise this year.

With regards to overseas acquisitions, Guo said CCB would consider deals in both developing and developed countries. It hopes to provide more global advanced services to clients through overseas deals, and meanwhile, improve its management.

Bank of America Corp currently holds 8.19% stakes in CCB.

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