Thursday, March 06, 2008

China Mobile says not yet seen restructuring plan

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone operator, said on Monday it has not yet received from regulators a concrete plan for the restructuring of the country's telecom industry.

China Mobile Chief Executive Wang Jianzhou, told reporters on the sidelines of an annual parliament advisory body meeting that there was also no timetable for when the plan would be announced.

"We have not yet received a concrete restructuring plan," Wang said, underpinning market talk that Beijing would not make a decision about a long-awaited restructuring in the short term.

China Unicom, the country's second-largest wireless operator, could be cannibalised in the restructuring, with its two wireless networks being sold to China Telecom and China Netcom, the country's two fixed-line carriers.

The reorganisation of the industry was part of a global trend that would result in increased efficiency and benefits for consumers, said Wang.

Restructuring could set the stage for the issuing of licences for long-delayed third-generation wireless services in China.

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