Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jiangxi SOEs seek partnership with Singaporean investors

Major state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in South China's Jiangxi province courted Singaporean investors in the China Jiangxi (Singapore) State-owned Enterprises Investment Promotion Seminar held in Singapore yesterday.

The provincial government officials and the executives of the key SOEs introduced the general investment environment and key investment projects to over 100 representatives of the local enterprises from various fields.

Teng Xiaoyun, deputy director of the Jiangxi Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, told China Knowledge that the province has excellent infrastructure as well as rich mineral resources for the foreign investors, and the labor cost is almost 30% lower compared with other major Chinese cities.

It is also mentioned that foreign investors have quite a few options to cooperate with the SOEs, backed by the preferential government policy. They can be the minority shareholders, controlling shareholders or even turn the SOEs into wholly-owned enterprises.

Besides its strength in the mining industry, the province also has the plans to introduce strategic investors to sectors such as real estate, optical equipment as well as chemical manufacturing.

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