Monday, August 04, 2008

Heilongjiang to save 2.2 mln tons of coal equivalent this year

Northeast China's Heilongjiang province plans to reduce the energy consumption for per 10,000 yuan added value of industrial enterprises above designated scale by over 4%, and save 2.20 million tons of coal equivalent, according to an energy-saving and consumption reduction scheme for industrial enterprises.

As an old industrial base, the province has been relying on energy resources to achieve economic growth. In 2006, industrial enterprises above the designated scale consumed nearly 51.74 million tons of coal equivalent, accounting for 59.4% of the province's total energy consumption. Unit consumption of industrial products, such as steel, coal, cement and etc., is generally higher than China's average level.

To conserve energy, improve efficiency and mitigate environmental impact, Heilongjiang plans to further promote new high-tech industries and low energy-consuming industries, meanwhile promote technological upgrade and recycling economy, sources with the Provincial Economic Committee said.

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