Monday, December 22, 2008

China to spend mammoth $ 41 bn on 3G in two years

China stamped its authority as one of the world's most lucrative market along with India for future telecom services as the Chinese government announced that Chinese mobile operators will collectively invest about $ 41 billion on 3G networks in the nest two years.

The 3G network layout for the country is mainly revolved around its indigenously developed TD-SCDMA standard. China feels that the technology standard is equally advanced as compared to other global standards. More importantly the development of the standard is also perceived by some analysts as a move by the country to avoid paying royalties to global vendors and solution providers who own rights on the available 3G standards.

The government will support development of core microchips, terminals and testing equipment, said Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong.

The new year will witness the granting of licences to operators to offer 3G services. $29.2 billion will be invested by operators in next year alone.

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