Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hunan to invest in 18 expressways

Hunan province in central China has decided to invest up to 120 billion yuan ($17.52 billion) in 18 expressways in 2009, said an official with the provincial transport authorities.

The 18 expressways include 12 which have already been under construction since 2008 and 6 more that will commence building in 2009.

The purpose of such a high level of expressway investment is to stimulate domestic demand and to speed up the development of expressway connections with other provinces. Once all are completed, there will be 21 expressways connecting Hunan with its neighboring provinces.

In 2007, China's expressway length totalled 540,000 km. But among the central China provinces, Hunan had the lowest amount, totaling only 1,765 km.

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