Thursday, January 01, 2009

HK shipping register sails into top five in the world

The total gross tonnage of Hong Kong-registered ships is approaching 40 million gross tons, making the register among the top five in the world, official figures released on Saturday indicated.

With the addition of a new aframax tanker, Searanger, which has a carrying capacity of more than 109,000 tons, the Hong Kong Shipping Register will have more than 1,360 ships whose total tonnage exceeds 39.86 million GT, according to a statement from the Hong Kong government.

Noting that more than 90 percent of global trade will be carried by sea in the forecast, Roger Tupper, the government's marine director, said the maritime industry of Hong Kong had always been a key factor in the economic development of the city and that the future growth of Asian economies underlined the importance of growing trading hubs like Hong Kong in the world economy.

Tupper believed that shipping would continue to play a major role in Hong Kong's economy and Hong Kong would continue to serve as a vibrant international maritime hub in the world.

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