Saturday, March 29, 2008

China, France's joint aviation engineering institute runs well

The Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering (SIAE), jointly built by Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) and four of French top aviation colleges, has gained initial operating success, according to the French ambassador to China, Herve Ladsous.

SIAE, established in April 2007, targets to introduce the French engineer training system to China's civil aviation system and train Chinese aviation engineers in both knowledge and capacity.

The set up of the SIAE indicated the beginning of cooperation of the two governments, higher education institutions and enterprises in training senior Chinese aviation engineers, according to Ladous, and he added that further cooperation will be explored in this area.

100 students were enrolled last September. They concentrate on three majors, including aircraft structure and materials, operation and maintenance of propulsion systems as well as electronic systems and on-board equipment, according to CAUC President Wu Tongshui.

Students will get the engineer diploma after six-year study, including three years of preparatory courses and three years of engineer training.

Ladsous expected more students to enroll in this program and all graduates would have a successful career.

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