Saturday, March 29, 2008

China to launch direct Macao-Tianjin flight on Mar 29

China will launch the direct flight from Macao to Tianjian municipality on Mar. 29, according to a press release on Thursday by the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government.

Xiamen Airlines, a Chinese mainland carrier, will operate the direct flight. Leaders of the two cities believe the direct flight will complement each other with their respective advantages and benefit the tourism industry, according to the press release.

Five new airlines had been introduced to Macao last year, according to Macao International Airport Company, operator of the city's only airport. The five new airlines, together with the original 11 airlines, now operate 31 flight routes both for cargo and passengers.

On the launch day, the SAR government will hold a ceremony at the Macao International Airport, marking the inaugural flight on Mar. 29. A series of promotional activities will also be organized in Tianjin, showcasing the uniqueness of Macao's history, culture and the diversity of its tourism products to citizens of Tianjin.

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