Friday, March 07, 2008

Shanghai aims to build Asia's 3rd largest Disneyland

The mayor of China's Shanghai city, Han Zheng said that they have applied to the Chinese central Government to build a Disneyland, the third Disneyland in Asia after Japan and Hong Kong.

The location has not been fixed yet, but the best location for the Disneyland will be Pudong New District, said Han.

According to Han, they haven't got any document of approval from the National Development and Reform Commission yet, and Shanghai will abide by the Central Government's decision, as any big-scale project of this kind is subject to the approval from the central government.

Shanghai has intended to build its own Disneyland since 2005. And several media reports disclosed that the city still planned to establish a major theme park by 2020, but without any specific project yet being finalized.

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