Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dongsheng coalfield proved 20 bln tonnes

China's Central Geological Prospecting Fund (CCGPF) said on Sunday that the reserves in Dongsheng coalfield has been proved to hit 20.04 billion tonnes, adding 500 million tonnes to the proved reserve of 19.5 billion tonnes in 2007.

Dongsheng coal mines, located at Inner Mongolia with an area of 1,305, now became the super giant coalfield in north of China.

The prospecting project has taken CCGPF two year to explore the coalmines in Dongsheng, and the project also proved that the quality of the reserve with high heat, low ash and sulphur.

It is expected that the second phase of the prospecting project of Dongsheng coalfield, which will cover 2,100 sq. km, will proved 26 billion tonnes reserve at a cost of 300 million yuan.

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