Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Huainan's coal output breaks 60 mln tonnes in Jan-Nov

Raw coal production in Huainan of east China's Anhui surpassed 60 million tonnes to 62.47 million tonnes in the first eleven months, easing energy tension and ensuring sustained rapid economic growth in Yangtze River Delta.

The coal output was an increase of 52.9% year year, and the first time for Huainan to break through 60 million tonnes.

Huainan contributes over 60% of the total coal output in Lianghuai (Huainan and Huaibei) coal base, one of the 13 national coal bases planned to develop in China.

Huinan boasts future reserves of 44.4 billion tonnes, and proven reserves of 15.3 billion tonnes, occupying 19% of the whole nation's reserves.

The area has built 15 safe and efficient coalmines, with annual coal capacity reaching 66 million tonnes.

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