Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CEC: China power consumtion up 5.32 pct in '08

Chinese electricity consumption in 2008 rose by only 5.23 pct year on year to 3.4 trillion kilowatt hours, the lowest annual growth rate since 1998, after a considerable slowdown in industrial demand, the China Electricity Council said in a recent report.

Investment capital amounted to 576 billion yuan, up .52 percent year on year, it said in the report.

Despite the slowdown in demand, generating capacity continued to increase at a rapid rate over the course of the year. And the newly installed capacity reached 90.6 million MW in 2008, raising China's total capacity by 10.34 pct to 792,530 MW.

Over the past year, China has closed down a batch of the small coal-fired plants, to reduce the capacity of 16.69million MW.

There were 1.34 billion tonnes coal consumed by the coal-fired power plants, up 13.4 percent compared with 2007.

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