Friday, January 09, 2009

CPIC signs agreement with Hunan on power construction

Hunan Provincial Government signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with China Power Investment Corporation (CPIC) on Jan. 8, to confirm an investment of 60 billion yuan by CPIC for Hunan's power construction, and jointly boost the preparatory work for the project of Xiaomoshan nuclear power station in Huarong County of Hunan, so as to promote its ascending into China's Middle and Long-term Development Plan for Nuclear Power as quickly as possible, according to the local government website.

Reportedly, Hunan has invested 30 billion yuan on the under construction 10 power plants in Hunan, making remarkable contribution to boost the local economy.

CPIC,China's large power producer, has actively developed clean energy in past few years, including hydropower, wind power and nuclear power.

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